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New Teachers Help ICS Community Grow

Ms. Burke assists a 2nd grade student

This year, ICS welcomed four terrific new classroom teachers to its staff.  They include Ms. Vincenza D’Ippolito, 1st grade; Ms. Yvonne Coe and Ms. Laureen Burke, 2nd grade; and Mr. Craig Brown, 5th grade.  All four bring years of experience teaching in Catholic schools, and they have quickly
become an integral part of the ICS community.

For one teacher, Laureen Burke, this transition is even easier; she taught at ICS ten years ago before leaving to raise her own family.  “There are so many new faces and so many renovations over the years,” Ms. Burke remarked, “but the school’s character is still the same.”

 ICS is also pleased to welcome an in-house speech therapist, Elaine Smart.  Ms. Smart works with students across all grade levels to ensure that they learn proper grammar and speaking skills and overcome any disabilities. She joins a wide range of professionals at ICS, including a guidance counselor, psychology interns, and specialized subject and ESL tutors.  With their help, ICS can continue to give students the individual attention and unique approaches they need to do their best.