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4th Grade Students Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

ICS 4th graders are not afraid of getting their hands dirty to help make their school a better place.  Earlier this year, when the city of New York looked into charging private schools for garbage removal, the Archdiocese’s superintendent asked Catholic schools to measure the amount of trash generated over the course of two weeks.  With the help of data from the building’s maintenance staff, ICS 4th graders calculated how many gallons of garbage the school threw out each day and theorized ways the school could cut back on its waste.

“I was surprised by how many bags of garbage there were each day, especially when we made graphs and charts to show it,” remarked one student.  The students’ data was sent to the superintendent’s office, and they presented the results of their real-world learning experience at the school’s annual Earth Day celebration.  Their eye-opening project has the chance to make a real difference in our community!