Student Life

Competitive, Award-Winning Teams


The Vision Step Team, comprised of ICS middle school girls and high school alumni, is one of ICS’ most successful and exciting programs. The team competed and won recognition in over a half a dozen competitions last year and returned with trophies and medals that now adorn the halls of ICS. Step team requires teamwork and discipline, and the Vision Step Team’s success speaks to the girls’ overwhelming dedication...and sense of rhythm!


The ICS Basketball team provides an excellent opportunity for both boys and girls to get in the game. Practicing twice a week after school with games against local schools in the spring, the basketball team builds teamwork skills and a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Fostering healthy competition, the ICS basketball team gets students fired up – on the court and in the classroom.


The ICS Debate Team provides a character-building opportunity for 7th and 8th grade students to develop public speaking skills and have fun thinking on their feet. These students challenge themselves to form supported, articulate arguments in front of peers and judges through careful research and practice.

The students enjoy discussing real issues and events while learning the fundamentals of policy debate. The ICS Debate team won First-Place team and Top Speaker at its first meet in November 2012. The Debate Team provides a strong foundation for students in the classroom and beyond.