Student Summer Activities

December 21, 2015

7th Grader Chloe Rodriguez attended Camp Hidden Valley through The Fresh Air Fund. Camp Hidden Valley is a unique sleep-away camp for boys and girls ages eight to twelve where children with and without disabilities live and play together. Chloe spent 12 days in Fishkill, New York, where she went fishing, swimming, and hiking. “The most memorable part of my summer was when I went hiking! We saw a deer, and we stopped to admire the view.” Chloe mentioned how it was cool to see other parts of New York that aren’t New York City. This was Chloe’s first camp experience and she’s already looking forward to going away next summer!

Christopher Betancourt, 8th grade, attended Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York. Camp Mariah is a career awareness program, where students have the opportunity to take interesting courses. Christopher’s favorite class was International Relations, “I like to stay updated on the world.” For the final presentation the class participated in a debate. Christopher has his plans for next summer set, with another three weeks in Camp Mariah.