Alumni Spotlight: Kendra Cabrera

December 21, 2015

Our alumni spotlight is on 4thGrade Teacher Kendra Cabrera! Ms. Cabrera attended ICS for Middle School from 2002-2005. “6th to 8th grade was awesome! English and Science were my favorite subjects,” Ms. Cabrera recalled. Ms. Cabrera emphasized how her teachers in ICS really taught her and her classmates to be well rounded students.

Those values and skills carried over to Cristo Rey High School in Spanish Harlem and then College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, where she majored in Sociology. Ms. Cabrera started her teaching career in Spain where she taught English, before moving to Boston to teach ESL.

“Once I moved back to NY, I contacted Sr. Patrice and asked if she knew of any teaching opportunities. She asked for my resume and sent it to St. Athanasius, where I taught summer school . Little did I know that she would send my resume off to the leaders of the Partnership Schools and land me an interview. Once the Partnership offered me a position, Sr. Patrice made it clear she wanted me back at ICS”

When Ms. Cabrera is not teaching, she likes spending time with her friends and loves to travel. Ms. Cabrera speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Italian. She is currently working on learning Polish