New Board Members Dive into ICS

Andrew and Rick meet with a group of 7th graders to discuss their experience at ICS

September 17, 2015

ICS was happy this year to welcome two members to our school board: Andrew Cardone and Rick Silva. Andrew and Rick were introduced to ICS by a mutual friend who supports the school. After visiting the school last spring, both Andrew and Rick were excited to get involved. Andrew, who grew up attending Catholic school, saw this as a chance to reconnect with his roots, while Rick saw this as a way to give back to the community.
Immediately upon joining the school board, Andrew and Rick were ready to make an impact on the community. In September, they held a “conference” with a select group of 7th graders to discuss their experience at ICS and their plans for the future. Andrew continued to work with a seventh grade class, visiting the classroom and encouraging students to think about their future. Andrew also spoke to ICS students during an Honors Assembly. In his speech, he shared the story of his grandfather who immigrated to the US in 1907 and the values he passed along to his family: education, honor and faith. Those values, Andrew advised, would help students succeed in on any path they choose in life. He says he most enjoys, “meeting with the students, hearing what they are learning about, and listening to them talk about their aspirations.” Rick, for his part, made a generous donation to the school, which was put towards technology and repairs around the school.

ICS has long been grateful for the support of its school board, from members who adopt a class, to those who contribute silent auction items to our benefit. Andrew said that he, “looks forward to working with ICS students in the future and helping to make their goals a reality.” We are excited to see these relationships develop!